Criminals looting from evacuated and burnt family homes


Knysna fire - Image - CICA

Knysna is possibly one of the worst disaster areas in South African history.

More than 145 houses were destroyed by the flames in Knysna within 24 hours, and about 20 in Plettenberg Bay.

Criminals are looting the evacuated and burnt family homes. The barbaric mentality displayed by these predators shows a mindset which has not evolved and which lacks humanity and rational logic.

– SANDF has been mobilized in and around Knysna to assist with disaster relief which includes preventing looting;

– More than 11 000 people have evacuated their homes;

– More than 40% of the population has been hard hit by this disaster;

– It is estimated that more than 65 homes have been destroyed so far;

– Schools have burnt down;

– Businesses destroyed.

Out of this disaster comes incredible humanitarian unity as people join together to help and assist, yet out of it also comes the horrific Bell Pottinger rhetoric from paid fake people with aims to create hate and cause division.

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