Well done, farmers. Government: stop bothering us!

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Well done, farmers. Government: stop bothering us!
Well done, farmers. Government: stop bothering us! - Image - Die Vryburger

The South African agricultural industry was not aware of the recession in which the Country is currently moving, and TAU SA wants to congratulate the entire agricultural industry and all farmers on the performance of growing the agricultural sector by more than 22%, while things are going badly with the rest of the country.

Mr. Louis Meintjes, president of TAU SA, said this is a remarkable boost for the agricultural industry, pointing to farmers’ perseverance despite the climatic and political problems, it is still one of the two sectors that grow while the country is in recession.

“This information will follow on the heels of President. Jacob Zuma’s admission that claimants are not interested in land, but that the majority of land claims want to settle for financial benefit.”

“Perhaps it is now time for the government to see what he could do to bring the country back on the road to growth, get rid of the junk status and restore law and order, instead of continually attacking farmers and claim their land, while it is clear that the supposed land hunger is not a reality, but rather a money hungry. The real commercial farmers are virtually the only ones still able to achieve economic success, besides the fact that they still put food on the table.”

“Therefore, it is time for the government to stay away from the farmers and allow them to farm without political threats against them,” said Mr. Meintjes.

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