Under ANC rule, public enterprises have been captured, mismanaged and destroyed

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Under ANC rule, public enterprises have been captured, mismanaged and destroyed
Under ANC rule, public enterprises have been captured, mismanaged and destroyed

Captured, mismanaged and destroyed. That is the best way to describe the management of public enterprises, like the SAA and Eskom, under ANC rule.

One cannot help but wonder whether any intervention, like that of the Presidential Coordination Council for Public Enterprises, which at the time placed all the power in former President Jacob Zuma’s hands, can remedy the situation.

The recommendations by the Presidential Review Committee on Public Enterprises, which were made as far back as 2014, have not even been implemented yet.

To date, there exists no guideline for the compensation of the executive officials or board members of these entities.

And then the Minister, Pravin Gordhan, talks about accountability and consequences. Mere empty words. Those with political ties are still being protected.

The warnings by energy experts that the implementation of load shedding is detrimental and harmful for the country’s power grid must be heeded. The grid was not designed to handle and withstand constant fluctuations.

Thus, the utter collapse of the country’s power grid will not be prevented by means of load shedding, but will most probably be caused by it.

The Minister also referred to the lack of technical and engineering expertise at Eskom, and the necessity of proper training. That raises the question of why the expertise has been lost.

The truth is that there are indeed experts available to help repair the power grid. They must simply be used.

When it comes to the SAA, the Minister speaks of openness. Then he must explain the situation surrounding the sale of 51% of the SAA to the Takatso Consortium for an amount that possibly only adds up to R51. Thus far, very little has been disclosed about this transaction.

It seems that there is now even a perception among some people, like the EFF, that “white men” are responsible for the destruction of the national airline.

The FF Plus wants to make it very clear that Dudu Myeni, former chairperson of the SAA, is certainly not a white man.

To build South Africa back up, we need all the expertise we can get, regardless of skin colour or political ties.

And failed ideologies and policies must be done away with. To achieve this, the current government, which has destroyed everything in the country, must also be done away with. South Africa and its people deserve better than the ANC.

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