Under ANC leadership, there are no human rights!

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Under ANC leadership, there are no human rights!
Under ANC leadership, there are no human rights!

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The ANC is in contempt of the South African Constitution’s prescriptions that guarantee human rights and, thus, voters must express their contempt for the ANC by rejecting the party on 8 of May, 2019, at the polls.

There are numerous examples: the residents of Thabong, Welkom, Modimolle, Brent Park, Kroonstad, Sannieshof, Delareyville, Tswaing and Ditsobotla as well as the people who live near the Vaal River and its adjacent rivers do not enjoy the right to an environment that is not harmful to their health and where pollution and ecological deterioration is prevented as stipulated in the Constitution.

Furthermore, the Constitution stipulates that every person in the country must have access to water. But apparently, the people living in, among other places, Masilonyana, Mafube and Gariep are not entitled to this right.

Section 9 of the Constitution guarantees the right to equality. The ANC has, however, implemented discriminatory legislation that undermines equal opportunities for all by means of racial classification and quotas.

Section 31 guarantees the right to one’s own cultural, religious and language communities. However, those who strive to establish such communities are labelled as racist. Universities are becoming anglicised and the language rights of Afrikaans speaking people are trampled underfoot.

Human dignity is supposedly guaranteed in Section 10 of our Constitution, but not according to the ANC.

Under ANC rule, patients in state hospitals are stripped of their dignity and receive inhumane treatment.

The ANC’s idea of human dignity is the elderly and children living amid raw sewage.

The ANC stands idly by as tax money is stolen and millions of rands are squandered on luxuries and the safety of ministers while children’s homes are allocated shockingly low subsidies of a mere R17 per child per day. It is a shame. The ANC treats people with contempt and should, thus, be treated with the same contempt.

South Africa’s Constitution also guarantees the right to own property. But, once again, the ANC is willing to sacrifice yet another human right in a power hungry attempt to win voters’ support for the upcoming elections.

The ANC government is oppressing the people of this country and have absolutely no regard for human rights. Its attempts at nation building have all failed. So, let us learn from the past, live in the present and focus on the future. The struggle for human rights and human dignity for all South Africans will continue after the ANC is gone.

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