ToekomsVonk says thanks for Support


ToekomsVonk says thank you for the support, also too Afriforum

Over the past few years, the words “stand together” has gained new life, whether there is referred to the action in a positive or negative manner. It is an action that is promoted by the Board of ToekomsVonk and also clearly portrayed in their motto: “For the People – Through People.”

On March 15, 2019, ToekomsVonk again proved that we mean what we say. Following the announcement by MTN that they have decided to cut all ties with Afrikaans is Groot (AIG), because of Steve Hofmeyr’s performance in the concerts, ToekomsVonk launched the “Goodbye MTN” campaign.

Director Wessel Basson (AktiVonk) immediately called on all Steve Hofmeyr supporters to break their ties with MTN as soon as possible. In an immediate follow-up, Director Englie Botha (NoodVonk) announced: “Goodbye MTN: I’ve changed, because I’m tired of discrimination, false propaganda against- and the tribulation of my people.”

ToekomsVonk Managing Director, Helga Swart followed up with a statement calling on supporters “to boycott and turn their backs on MTN, just as MTN has turned their back on the white, Afrikaans minority in South Africa.”

In the statement of March 22, 2019, ToekomsVonk made a serious appeal to MTN, following their withdrawal as sponsor of AIG due to Steve Hofmeyr’s participation, to immediately withdraw all sponsorships to groups such as the EFF, ANC and any other group that

(a) deny that there are farm murders on white farmers,

(b) publicly talk about how white people in South Africa should be murdered,

(c) immediately withdraw any other racist remarks in the public.

It is time to take a stand and stand against the one-sided vision of South Africa’s leaders and also organizations / companies that are leaping to support that one-sidedness.

Steve Hofmeyr is branded a racist, as he condemns farm murders and stand up for the rights of minority groups. He is boycotted simply because he is a voice for a small minority group in South Africa who is prosecuted and destroyed in economic, cultural, historical and social areas.

Thank you to everyone who takes a stand; the response from the public to this is overwhelming. Meanwhile, ToekomsVonk learned that Afriforum has also launched a campaign against MTN and welcomes the support and cooperation that comes from this action.

ToekomsVonk’s aim has always been to bring about cooperation between organizations that speak for minority groups therefor this is a welcome response.

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