TLU SA determined to establish a true agricultural ‘master plan’ for all South African farmers


TLU SA determined to establish a true agricultural ‘master plan’ for all South African farmers
TLU SA determined to establish a true agricultural 'master plan' for all South African farmers

Ideology may not be set above economic principles. For this reason, TLU SA is determined to establish, together with other willing role
players, the true agricultural master plan for all South African farmers.

“Agriculture is an economic process and at the end of the day, the economic market power principle must be the determining factor for sustainability,” said Mr Bennie van Zyl, TLU SA’s General Manager.

The need for an agricultural plan based on economic principles and not ideological principles is more urgent than ever after the signing of the government’s master plan for agriculture, the AAMP.

Although some of the pillars on which this plan is based have the support of TLU SA, the fact that it is subject to transformation at the end of the day is the challenge that needs to be addressed. “The result of transformation is clearly visible across all facets of South Africa. The price of transformation is there for all to see. This ANC policy from the outset encompasses all aspects such as cadre deployment, BEE and with it all the corruption we see. We are currently living with a failing economy that is not
functioning, there is no more quality training in schools, the health services are down the drain, and we are not even talking about the security services or the collapse of our country’s infrastructure. Looting and sabotage are in full swing.”

Mr. Van Zyl adds: “Agriculture is too important a factor in the value chain to just accept the government’s plan. South Africa and its farmers have been paying too long and too dearly for the price of government’s habit of smearing ideology over everything. It is necessary for the ANC to realise that it can at most contribute to stability if it establishes a healthy policy environment. The private sector creates the climate for prosperity and economic development.”

Regarding the true ownership of land and the government’s constant hammering on the return of land to the so-called true owners, TLU SA has always believed the government already has more than sufficient land at its disposal. Mr Van Zyl also referred to the government’s self-acknowledged failure when it comes to allocating land.

“When it comes to land, we should rather focus on land that is already in the market as well as all the land that the government already has. It must be given to new entrants who are willing to take on the responsibility and they must be given a fair opportunity to farm. By only making land available, poverty traps are created.”

TLU SA believes that agriculture does have a role to play in economic growth and wealth creation. “However, it must be played according to the economy’s rules of the game, and this is not possible within the current policy environment of the ANC.” In the interest of the future of all children in South Africa, TLU SA will not accept the signing of the AAMP. “In collaboration with role players – such as SAAI – TLU SA will strive for the establishment of an economic master plan for the benefit of all.”

TLU SA welcomes any institution or role player in the agricultural sector that would like to contribute to an effective economic master plan for agriculture, to contact Mr Van Zyl or Saai at [email protected].

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