The sick politics of South Africa, 2018

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The sick politics of South Africa, 2018
The sick politics of South Africa, 2018

The year 2018 was characterized by political ‘marriages’ that ended in bitter ‘divorces’ and bitter in fighting.

The EFF has held hands with the DA several times to secure jobs in city councils, but just as quickly also turned its back on the partner as soon as there were other issues on the agenda.

Nelson Mandela Bay was typical example, where Athol Trollip once appointed as mayor and later voted out.

Pravin Gordhan was supported by the EFF and later discarded as ‘white monopoly’ while Patricia de Lille, in Cape Town, was supported by the EFF against the DA.

In Pretoria, Maimane walks very gently to appease the EFF for his position. The big corruption case with VBS Mutual Bank revealed the EFF’s Achilles with millions of rands changing hands.

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