The public will begin to avoid and evade paying tax

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The public will begin to avoid and evade paying tax
Adv. Anton Alberts - Image - Die Vryburger

The current tax money will soon dry up as the public will start to avoid paying tax because what sane man would continue giving money to a corrupt government with their true motive hidden behind racial words like “white monopoly capital”?

FF Plus’ advocate Anton Alberts directed a warning to the Finance Minister during the discussion of Treasury’s budget vote in parliament.

During the fiscal debates of the Treasury in Parliament Adv. Alberts said to Minister Malusi Gigaba that the irony is that it is the country’s own president who has slowed down the economy like a runaway train without brakes.

Adv. Alberts said that FF + would not give the minister advice on how the state’s funds should be used, “because we know the minister is not going to pay attention to it.”

“We know the hijacked cabinet already has plans for what to do with the taxpayers and public service pensioners’ money. We are aware the minister will continue to send the country blindly on the road to bankruptcy without being disturbed of the damage caused. We are aware the government will continue with its nuclear plans, with full-scale fracking in the Karoo, with the unaffordable National Health Insurance, to finance projects for cadres with the Public Service Pension Fund (SDPF’s) Isibaya Fund and save bankrupt utilities with SDPF. ”

Gigaba is also accused of speaking with a forked tongue when he says he wants to bring back stability because, in the background, his Marxist counselor, Prof. Chris Malikane’s opinion is heard. Also, Gigaba’s honesty was questioned after saying in parliament that Standard and Poor’s (S & P) had taken the downgrade decision before his appointment. “Today we know it’s not true. I have in my hand, a document indicating that this decision was taken on April 3, and a while after the minister’s appointment. The cabinet reshuffle has thus had a clear impact on the downgrade decision and is a clear sign that markets are worried. Against this background, there can be no confidence in the minister’s sound statements about fiscal policy,” said Adv. Alberts.

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