The Mata Hari of South Africa

Opinion by Daniel Sutherland

The Mata Hari of South Africa
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Let me tell you a bedtime story. A story so fantastic, it makes for a brilliant Hollywood script.

Yet, this bedtime story is real. I just listened to an interview with Jacques Pauw on Kyknet. He is the writer of the tell-all book ” The President’s keepers .” He repeated twice in the interview that Kom Raid #783 utterly destroyed each and every investigative agency of the Guptament, including the hawks, Police, NPA, SARS and intelligence agencies.

Pauw says there is nothing left there, and believe you me, he is 100 % correct. He says each and every institution of the Guptament refuses to investigate Kom Raid. And he is 100 % accurate. It must be pointed out to the public that this murderous cabal, headed by Kom Raid and the Guptas, made use of several white people to play critical roles.

Nobody can say that this monstrous Zupta cabal is not multiracial. Let us consider a specific blond attorney known as Belinda Walter. She played a direct role in the capture of SARS by the Zupta cabal. She is an admitted SSA agent. She led a lone single man, the brilliant SARS investigator Johann van Loggerenberg into a honey-trap, and when he fell in love with her, she set about to not only destroy him but the entire previous leadership of SARS.

She was the initial complainant against Johann and enabled SARS to appoint KPMG and other panels to investigate Johann and other SARS leaders like Ivan Pillay. The KPMG investigation led to the firing of the entire previous leadership of SARS, altogether 55 senior SARS people were purged. Of course, the climate for their firing was created by sensational fake news stoking driven by the Sunday Times who bought the so-called SARS ” rogue unit ” narrative with vigor, a narrative created by none other than Tom Moyane, Kom Raid #783’s brother in law, who took over from Ivan Pillay.

In fact, we now know that the capture and takeover of SARS by the Zupta cabal was a fullscale Zupta cabal intelligence operation, also aided by another white man Adv Rudolf Mastenbroek, who is the ex-husband of Phylicia Oppelt, who was the editor of the Sunday Times at the time.

Mastenbroek planted the fake news so-called ” rogue unit ” narrative in the Sunday Times through Oppelt, on behalf of the Zupta cabal. It is also revealed in the book why this full-scale intelligence operation was launched to replace the previous leadership of SARS. Ivan Pillay and other SARS leaders approached Kom Raid in 2014 and told him he must get his tax matters in order because, for the first 5 years of Kom Raid’s reign, he never submitted tax returns.
It was also discovered by Pillay and team that Kom Raid received a payment of R1 million per month for the first 4 months of his Presidency from a Durban security company called Royal Security. Pillay also told Kom Raid that he owes R63 million in fringe benefit taxes for the Nkandla upgrades. Kom Raid, the Russian trained intelligence operator, then decided he had no other option to launch an operation to capture SARS so that he won’t be investigated ever again.

And in this operation, the little known Mata Hari of South Africa, Belinda Walter, played a key and central role. She was not even a double agent, she was a triple agent, because not only did she work for the Zuptas, she worked for tobacco interests, the same tobacco interests Johann van Loggerenberg was investigating while he was at SARS. And legally investigated for tax evasion

Opinion by Daniel Sutherland

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