hansgrohe’s guide to Sustainable Bathroom Design

hansgrohe’s guide to Sustainable Bathroom Design
Sustainable Bathroom Design

Water and Energy-Saving Solutions for the Complete Bathroom

Green Well-Being

Choosing sustainable options is often difficult, especially in the bathroom, a place where water and energy are consumed daily, as it usually involves the tedious comparison and coordination of many suppliers. The premium brand hansgrohe has set itself the task of designing the bathroom holistically and responsibly. The brand therefore provides support when planning a complete bathroom and contributes to a more sustainable lifestyle with innovative technologies. Not only water-saving shower heads have an impact, but also thermostats with conscious consumption control and energy-efficient LED mirrors or washbasin faucets. Even small changes help to consume fewer resources in everyday life without having to compromise on quality and aesthetics.

The Shower Place

It is no longer news that valuable resources can be saved by switching to water-saving showers. Switching is even easier with spray types that guarantee a pleasant shower experience despite using less water. hansgrohe shower heads with the EcoSmart+ function only require around six liters of water per minute, which they use particularly efficiently to still deliver a comfortable shower experience.

Saving water can also start with choosing the right thermostat. The new range of hansgrohe surface-mounted thermostats saves water and therefore energy thanks to the integrated EcoStop+ function. In the first step, it limits the water flow of the Ecostat Fine and Element thermostats to a maximum of six liters per minute. Only when the EcoStop button is actively pressed can water be turned on fully, for example, to rinse out shampoo from very thick hair. Optionally, users can set the desired water flow rate individually by simply pressing the EcoStop

button. The same applies to the temperature. In addition to greater safety, the SafetyStop button only allows more than 40 degrees after consciously pressing the button, thereby helping to establish new habits.  A quick and precise temperature setting also helps to waste fewer resources.

The Washing Area

The washing area offers the most untapped potential for optimisation. Here, faucets that only supply cold water when the handle is in the center position are impressive. hansgrohe calls this clever function CoolStart. Hot water is only produced when the handle of the faucet is actively turned to the left. Faucets with EcoSmart+ only consume around four liters per minute at three bars of pressure. This means that these faucets reduce the flow rate by a further 20 percent compared to EcoSmart products.

There are also opportunities to save energy when choosing washbasin mirrors. hansgrohe Xarita Lite mirrors provide atmospheric lighting experiences with energy-efficient LED technology. The energy-saving LEDs in energy efficiency class C installed in the light strip of the mirrors have a service life of more than 36,000 hours. If a couple with a child spends an average of around 90 minutes a day in the bathroom, they will last around 65 years.

The Toilet

Thanks to the use of an optimised internal geometry, hansgrohe EluPura Original toilets require 4.5 liters of water per flush with a suitable flush tank. An average toilet uses around six liters per flush. The toilet therefore also offers further potential for saving water and should not be neglected when considering a holistically sustainable bathroom design.

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