The massive race and hatred injustices in South Africa

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The massive race and hatred injustices in South Africa
The massive race and hatred injustices in South Africa

In South Africa a person convicted of fraud and known to be behind the torture and killing of children gets a state funeral.

A president can blatantly say that the property of white people can be expropriated without compensation.

An army major is lightly reprimanded for demanding that an elderly man’s eyes should be cut out because he is white.

It is truly naive to still scream: Charge and prosecute them! Haven’t you realised yet that the law and its execution in this country favours the majority and allows them to get away with racism and hatred. It is not on our side any more.

Afriforum has no less than 113 pending cases with the HRC. Front National reported more than 20 over the last 4 years. It gathers dust because it is regarded as freedom of speech.

Yet, Penny Sparrow was branded as racist. Vicky Momberg prosecuted on the SAME charges in TWO different courts.

Let us tell you straight away now: Forget that these racist hate mongers will ever be prosecuted in this country while the ANC rules according to EFF instruction and the DA plays for the audience. We will never know justice under the current dispensation.

The only solution is to unite our vote behind FN for self determination and get away from this hell hole. The ONLY solution.

Waiting for equal treatment and equal justice is merely waiting for a miracle that will never happen. Face it. You know that it is the truth.

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