The crossing of the Bolivar bridge

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The crossing of the Bolivar bridge
The crossing of the Bolivar bridge. Photo: FNSA

Despite all warnings, despite all quoted and given examples, despite all logic, the ANC and the EFF is hell bent on creating a complete socialist state in South Africa. In this, it is very obvious, they are supported by a number of other political parties incl the PAC, BLF, SACP and to some extent also the moderate liberals. In fact, the vast majority of parties in Parliament support this policy.

Nothing will prevent them from taking this course and taking the rest of us along on the road to the Bolivar Bridge.

The Bolivar Bridge is the point where you cross the border between Venezuela and Colombia. The picture attached to this shows Venezuelans crossing that bridge in search of food and medicine and running away from the misery of socialism.

At least they have a Bolivar Bridge. The bridges from South Africa lead to Zimbabwe and Mozambique and Northwards, where the corrupt and warmongering remains of attempts at socialist democracy already failed.

At least they have a bridge to cross. We have none.

Which is why the white man in South Africa has only one option left: Leave this road, take a turn-off. Let us unite and demand self determination before we get to the border and discover there is no Bolivar Bridge for us. There never was. There never will be.

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