The comfortable excuse of identity politics

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The comfortable excuse of identity politics
The comfortable excuse of identity politics. Photo: FNSA

Seldom in history did the world have to witness such a disgusting display of post modern, liberal identity politics as in the revolting tantrum by a so called professional sportswoman! We are, of course, referring to the attack of verbal abuse directed at an umpire by Serena Williams at the final of the US Open Tennis Championships.

In the match against Japan’s Naomi Osaka, the umpire, Carlos Ramos, noticed that Williams was being “coached” from the stand by her coach, Patrick Moratoglou, and gave Williams a warning for violating the rules. Williams burst out in a tirade against Ramos and denied that she was being coached. She called Ramos a liar and insisted on an apology.

Oddly enough, the coach himself later freely admitted that he was in fact coaching Williams from the side against the rules of the game and that Mr Ramos was quite correct in warning Williams.

Not far into the game, Williams was again warned for bad behavior after smashing her racquet on the court. As if this was not enough, she was given a third warning for verbal abuse of an official after she stormed the umpire’s chair and in a threatening choice of words declared that she will make sure that he never acts as referee for another game again.

She then called him a thief. At this point the senior umpire entered the court and Williams complained that she was being discriminated against because of racism and sexism. In this, she conveniently forgot that the very same Carlos Ramos also warned a white male player, Novak Djokovic, for unacceptable behavior at the French Open. Equally conveniently she forgot that she verbally attacked an official on court in 2009 threatening to “ ram an f…ing ball down her f…ing throat” – note, the official was also a woman!

Williams’ bad behavior reduced her opponent, co incidentally also a woman of colour, to tears to the point that SHE, at the presentation ceremony, actually apologized to the crowd for the incident. Williams, to this moment, did not offer an apology for her disgusting behavior. In fact, at a press conference she claimed that she was acting for women’s rights and a number of liberal organisations claim that she was the victim of sexism and racism!

This habit where a person can act in any way he/she wants, say whatever they want, offend and disgust as much as they want, threaten and humiliate whomever pleases them and then gets away with it because she is a woman or she is black and by default a victim, is one of the habits of the times we live in.

Victim politics has become the convenient excuse for any form of bad, uncivilized and rude behavior. And it favours only a few, because when you are white or male that particular avenue remains closed, as your mouth is expected to be, irrespective of what is thrown your way!

Serena Williams has become the symbol of what is wrong with the world we live in. But hell will freeze over before she admits it!

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