The ANC birthday bash a platform to liberate the supporters

The ANC birthday bash a platform to liberate the supporters
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The African National Congress (ANC) will hold its 105-birthday bash on January 8 and although it is referred to as a celebration of the founding of the movement, it is more a program of radical tasks that need to be accomplished. After the defeat in the local government elections last year, the ANC need to focus on the development and reconstruction in order for the party to retain its popularity.

Since the inception of the ANC and under the leadership of OR Tambo, the ANC never celebrated its birthday but announced its list of commands to be carried out by its underground operatives. Could the birthday revelries be a self-serving celebration for president Zuma only?

During the ANC birthday bash last year, President Zuma, elaborated on racism and said “South Africa’s history of apartheid and colonialism, characterized by a ‘racial hierarchy’ and systematic, institutionalized conquest and dispossession of the indigenous people of this country, is directly related to our current challenges of unemployment, poverty, and inequality.”

“It is clear that there is a tiny minority that still harbors a desire for separate amenities and who idolize apartheid-era leaders who made our country the skunk of the world. These people do not represent the true character of the new South Africa. They are living in the past.”

Zuma also said the ANC had defeated racism and South Africa was a rainbow nation. There can never be a rainbow nation under the essence of the ANC’s ideology. Clearly, the ANC’s aim is to assume control over all the centers of power, for the sole purpose of redistributing wealth, income, land and power from whites to blacks. It is a dangerous ideology because it inclines toward the direction of dictatorship. The sole purpose is to keep the black population’s support by means of separating them from the whites and probably causing a rift between the whites against blacks. It is the same ideology held by Julius Malema and his followers.

During the 1950’s and 1960’s the ANC and their ally the South African Communist Party (SACP) identified the whites to be imperialist colonizers and blacks as the oppressed. The ANC and SACP adopted the concept of a National democratic revolution (NDR) as a means to overthrow the colonial dominance to correct the injustices.

When the ANC gained democracy in 1994, they did not abandon the NDR; they reaffirmed their commitment at their conferences in 1997, 2002 and 2007. The ANC believe they are a liberation movement and entitled to rule. According to their NDR view, the ANC needs total control and the white minority are nothing more than a hindrance. The ANC are not wasting time to achieve their desired goals and have implemented the redistribution of wealth and land, liberating blacks, affirmative action, and cadre deployment to take control of all centers of power.

Last year a lot of impatience among blacks was noticed giving rise to the increasing “service delivery protests” that often fueled violence. The ANC have disappointed their supporters as a government and the birthday bash will be another event to keep the liberation revolutionary mindset alive among their supporters. It will be an event to capitalize on and broadcast their liberation policies based around apartheid and white capitalists.

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