The African way, what is the end game?

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The African way, what is the end game?
The African way, what is the end game? Photo: FNSA

“Why doesn’t the government do something?” “Why do they have to destroy everything?”

These are the standard questions every time a riot happens and a school or train or shop is burned and looted.

We ask these questions, because we look at the actions through the glasses of Western civilization. Our civilization is based upon the urge to create, to achieve, to perform, to improve. The African way is: To exist.

In the end the aim is not creating wealth, jobs, positions, economic power. It has nothing to do with owning land or property.

It has everything to do with making sure that the white man and the Indian man and the Coloured man do not have MORE than what I have. And if my existence is one of living in a hut, sleeping in the mud, cooking over an open fire and relieving myself behind a bush, why should I be bothered by the inconvenience of people who aim for more and better and created that for themselves?

That is the end game. Rather destroy what I don’t have, than try and reach that level for myself.

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