Thandi Modise and her 50 dead pigs

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Thandi Modise and her 50 dead pigs
Thandi Modise and her 50 dead pigs - Image - Die Vryburger

The SA Veterinary Association Council had a veterinarian, Dr. Sameer Abbas, convicted on two counts of violating the board’s rules.

Abbas refused to hand in findings to the Council in 2014 regarding witnesses in the criminal charges against Modise.

More than 50 dead pigs were found while the remaining 85 pigs ate the dead carcasses. More than one hundred sheep, goats, and other livestock were left without water and feed.

Modise is the chairman of the National Council of Provinces and manages the farm.

As in many cases, the National Prosecuting Authority has decided not to prosecute Modise.

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