Sufficient stock of vaccine for livestock

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Sufficient stock of vaccine for livestock
Sufficient stock of vaccine for livestock - Image - Die Vryburger

The Onderstepoort’s vaccine division gave farmers the assurance that there will be no shortage of vaccine in the coming season.

Farmers welcomed the announcement as they have always suffered the loss of livestock in recent years because Onderstepoort did not have sufficient vaccine available.

Onderstepoort believes they can produce the vaccine, after a 15-month extended period for the vaccine of bluetongue stiffness sickness, lumpy skin disease, and a vaccine against tick borne diseases.
There were be no shortage of the Red-water vaccine in the coming season, which is definitely a huge improvement after farmers lost many cattle because the vaccine was not available in time.

Onderstepoort earlier said that the deficiencies were partly due to the strict quality control that was applied, but farmers are not convinced by that because the possibility of massive livestock losses had become a huge risk.

An Onderstepoort spokesperson says packaging material in which vaccine is shipped to customers has also been improved, which eliminates returns and further delays in delivery.

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