Still many cannibalists in South Africa

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Still many cannibalists in South Africa
Still many cannibalists in South Africa - Image - Die Vryburger

During the year 2002, a well-known anthropologist in South Africa warned that the country probably still has many cannibals, but none heeded the warning.

After 15 years, the government in the country has discovered cannibalism, and the police have already arrested seven cannibals.

The seven accused are of eating human meat appeared in court last week while angry residents of the area demonstrated with posters and slogans before the court.

Five black people were arrested in August after one of the perpetrators surrendered himself to the police and apparently admitted that “he is tired of eating human meat.”

The court in Estcourt, Natal, was packed full and hundreds of residents had protested before the court against cannibals.

One of the residents said that cannibals should go to prison and rot because their children are afraid that they will become victims of these cannibals.

A charge of murder is opened against the men, who were all in their thirties.

Experts point out that there is no law prohibiting cannibalism, and is attributed to the stability prevailing in the country before 1994.

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