Spur panel is a public relations stunt

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Spur panel is a public relations stunt
Spur panel is a public relations stunt - Image - Front National

The panel investigating the controversial Spur incident will meet in Johannesburg on 26 and 27 June to investigate the incident that occurred in March, which led to a Spur countrywide boycott. If Spur believes that that panel will solve the problem, they are wrong again. It is open and merely an exercise in public relations, just like the brand new Spur advertisements in which the person who supplies the bread rolls and the person who braai the meat suddenly became white.

Spur seems to think it is still about two children who fought and a black mother and white father, who both spoke harshly. We have long been over there. Both parents behaved unacceptably. The problem is about the incredibly arrogant and prejudiced manner in which Pierre van Tonder handled the situation immediately after the incident and in the weeks after that – even in his correspondence with Solidarity and Afriforum.

The incident itself has long been forgotten – Van Tonder’s behavior not. And to apologize for his conduct and resign for his stubborn refusal is where the problem lies. He can call up meetings until the distant future – the problem’s name is Van Tonder.

The chairman of the committee, Prof Elmien du Plessis of PUK, is a lawyer, but she is in the same camp as Van Tonder, because she is an outspoken supporter of the “Fees must Fall” campaign, the “Open Stellenbosch” campaign and The “Reform PUK” campaign. Front National is in no way prepared to put confidence in its objectivity or honest approach. In short, we are definitely not going to incur costs to travel to Johannesburg for Pierre van Tonder’s public relations experiment and to try and get a glimpse of Elmien du Plessis’s position as a legal expert and academic credibility.

The other panel members include Prof Kopano Ratele of the Institute of Social and Health Sciences at Unisa, Dr. Wynoma Michaels, Business Consultant, RSB Cobus Bester and Representatives of Sonke Gender Justice. And just there, we have just found the panel’s finding – the incident was not racism but gender discrimination. They conclude that Van Tonder had acted correctly by banning the white client and apologizing to the black customer – not because she was black but because she was a woman and he was a man. Slightly, but transparent. It will not work.

Short and long thereof: Spur’s panel to be held on 26 and 27 June will not change the status quo. The franchisees, who lost in some cases as much as 45% of turnover, will pay the price for Pierre van Tonder’s team, as long as they do not put pressure on him. We will in any case not even bother to be part of this gimmick – we uphold our argument.

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