South African Kings and Queens: Expensive and of little use

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South African Kings and Queens: Expensive and of little use
South African Kings and Queens: Expensive and of little use. Photo: FNSA

Initially the South African government recognized 13 royal families in 1994. After a report to the Department of Traditional Affairs in 2010, 6 royal families were scrapped from being recognized as Royal Families after the death of the current incumbent to the throne.

This currently leaves 9 royal families on the payroll of the South African taxpayer.

A King or Queen earns R1 126 057-00 per annum, meaning that the 9 kings and queens alone costs us close to R10 million per year. This does not account for the salaries (as per below scale) of the senior traditional leaders, headmen, Chairpersons and Deputy Chairpersons of traditional councils and quite a lot more.

And none of them have any political power, influence or basically any other use than to settle small, internal disputes and advise government on traditional affairs.

This might of course explain the sudden urge to be recognized as Traditional Leaders amongst a number of people lately. Earning a very good income for not doing anything seems like a potentially lucrative business.

The recognized monarchs, each governing a recognized nation, is:

1) Thokwane Mopeli of the Bakwena
2) Thulare Victor of the Bapedi
3) Lekunuto of the Batlokwa
4) Zanozuk Sigcawu AND Ndamase (2 kings) of the Mpondo
5) Makhosoke II AND Mbusi Mahlangu (2 again) of the Ndebele
6) Dalingdyebo AND Siyambonga Matanzima (2 kings) of the Thembu
7) Zwelonke Sigcawu AND Maxhoba Matanzima (2 kings again) of the Xhosa
8) Toni Mphephu Ramabulana of the Venda
9) Goodwill Zwelethini of the Zulu.

There is no Royal Household recognized for the Khoisan.

This emphasizes the fact that South Africa is a country comprised of minority groups and small nations. While the right to recognition of traditional affairs and a measure of self determination over these affairs are recognized for 9 of the nations and 11 more (incl the Griqua, Bafokeng, Bhaka and Ntinde) under leadership of a “paramount chief”, no such recognition exists for the White minority population or the Khoisan people.

Front National is firm in the conviction that, under such circumstances, the world cannot possibly regard the current dispensation in South Africa as fair, equitable and free. We are traditional republicans. If 9 nations can have a kingdom, we want a republic. That is how simple it is to understand.

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