South African government reacts to Trump tweet

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The South African presidency reacted to a tweet by president Trump of the USA announcing an instruction to the US Secretary of State to investigate the matters of farm murders and expropriation of land in South Africa.

The announcement immediately caused a deterioration of 1,7% in the value of the Rand as opposed to the US Dollar.

The presidency said that it totally rejects this narrow perception which only seeks to divide our nation.” They also announced that the acting US ambassador in South Africa will be summoned to explain the tweet.

It must be very bad not to be able to understand that message.

It clearly states: The strongest nation in the world wants to know what you are doing and will then decide how to respond. The days of doing your dark work in the shade of the image of the great Mandela and the blame shifting onto apartheid are over!

The world wants to know what you do after 24 years!

And Front National, along with other organisations and individuals, will do everything in our power to make sure that they find out EXACTLY what you are doing.

Last week a South African military official announced that the South African army will not hesitate to take military action against the US on behalf of Venezuela. We can imagine how long and loud the laughter in the Oval Office was about that. But quite obviously this time it is no laughing matter.

Australia woke up to the human rights disaster under the quasi communist regime of incompetence and corruption in South Africa. It seems as if the United States now also wakes up to it. And so, one after the other will follow.

The tide might just be turning against the ANC regime. And it is not a minute too soon!

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