South Africa the rainbow land of ‘destruction and sewage’

Die Vryburger

South Africa the rainbow land of ‘destruction and sewage’
South Africa the rainbow land of 'destruction and sewage'

The promised ‘rainbow land’ of ‘milk and honey’ is rapidly changing into burning suburbs and sewage flooded streets.

Port Elizabeth is the latest example where streets in Wells Estate are flooded with raw sewage – a problem that had to be addressed months ago.

The desalination plant in Cape Town is hampered by sewage disposal in the sea at Sea Point. The harbor at Durban is flooded with raw sewage pollution.

Beaches in Natal experience unprecedented plastic pollution. Rivers that feed rivers are polluted daily by sewage dumped from municipal sewage works into the rivers and streams. The Vaal Dam has become a sewerage tank.

Nature has become a landfill site for councils whose landfills are no longer managed and water purification works that have not been maintained.

Observers say the condition is a 30 year mismanagement by incompetent and mismanagement by the ruling party officials.

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