South Africa in second phase of revolutions, namely economic transformation

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South Africa in second phase of revolutions, namely economic transformation
Mr. Fanie Brink, prof. Andre Duvenhage, Mr. Louis Meintjes en Bennie van Zyl, and genl. Chris van Zyl - Image - Die Vryburger

The ANC is increasingly trying to transform itself into a bantustan party because they lost support in a few major cities.

This is the opinion of political analyst, Professor. Andre Duvenhage, who spoke at TAU’s sustainable feasibility seminar.

Prov. Duvenhage said, if someone is in trouble, he is at his most dangerous. “That’s where Zuma is now. The greater the government’s political challenges, the more populist/racist are the policies.”

Although he did not quite believe that South Africa is on the same route, he said that with the current legislation the red lights are turned on, just as the red lights appeared in 1999 in Zimbabwe.

The country is the second phase of a revolution, namely the economic transformation, which is probably more dangerous than the political revolution. The goal is to make society the same, namely by making the “haves and have nots” alike, which is a socialist order.

Prof. Duvenhage said the current social and economic transformation is racially motivated. The legislation is becoming more radical, as the agricultural land owned regulation bill. “It inclines to a centralist and bureaucratic system, which bows to corruption.”

The big problem, however, as pointed out by Prof. Duvenhage is that the two systems have their own values. On the one hand, the Western-colonial system is developed. This is contrasted with the traditional system of colonialism. There is the constant interaction of the systems with a delicate balancing act. “The senior academics look at the western system and say this is why Zuma should fall because all are against him.

“That system is no longer the dominant system and must be moved to a traditional patrimonial system. If Zuma is in trouble, he goes to the traditional system, and he withdraws to Natal.”

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