South Africa: Government turns its back on capitalism

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South Africa: Government turns its back on capitalism
Mr. Fanie Brink spoke at TAU SA's congress - Image - Die Vryburger

The government does not support agriculture and does not recognize agriculture’s task of maintaining food security. They do not take into account the realities such as climate change and rather chooses to make political decisions that are detrimental to agriculture.

This is the opinion of Mr. Fanie Brink, Independent Agricultural Economist. He spoke at the TAU SA’s congress in Pretoria.

He said the biggest problem with the economy is that since 1994 the ANC government has begun to form a communist, socialist ideology and turned their back on capitalism. This means that no economic growth can take place and therefore there is no expectation that the economic situation will improve.

Radical economic transformation can only lead to greater corruption and must be rejected as soon as possible, says Mr. Brink.

Agriculture should not be affected by technology to keep up with economic growth.

Mr. Brink pointed out that the supply of food security is not the producer’s responsibility, but it is the government’s responsibility. “However, they try to evade their duty about it, making it the case of the private sector.” The government will have to be prepared to improve the profitability levels of all industries, but it is not understood by the government. The government must create a favorable environment and climate for economic growth.

The government’s interference in the economy regarding wage control on labor, fixed fuel prices and the power supply is disastrous for the economy, said Mr. Brink.

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