Solar power becomes more affordable

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Solar power becomes more affordable
Solar power becomes more affordable - Image - Die Vryburger

If a solar electricity system with a lifespan of 25 years is paid over 10 years, it is already cheaper than Eskom. Count 20% of the Eskom price and try to calculate the inconvenience of power failures at critical times, then Eskom’s paying customers will instead choose energy independence.

So said Wynand Boshoff, leader of the FF Plus in the Northern Cape.

He said while Eskom applies for an effective 19.9% rate increase, residents of non-paying municipalities suffer from the unequal termination of the power supply.

He said that since it is paying consumers whose power is interrupted, it is another way Eskom signs its own death sentence.

“The planned breakdown list of October 3,” issued by Eskom, is currently unfolding in three Northern Cape municipalities. It is Tembelihle (Hopetown and Strydenburg), Renosterberg (Vanderkloof, Philipstown, and Petrusville) and Siyancuma (Douglas and Griquas).”

“In at least two of the municipalities, residents have confirmed that only certain neighborhoods are interrupted. Other neighborhoods have prepaid meters installed and buy power directly from Eskom, or power is simply not switched off.”

“The strategy is that paying consumers must put pressure on their municipalities to pay bills, but their wisdom can be questioned. Household plants for renewable energy are already cheaper than Eskom power.”

“The FF Plus in the Northern Cape forecasts that Eskom will no longer be a business, but a welfare body providing power for free to those who cannot afford their own systems.”

“The advantage of this for Eskom will be that no-one will then measure them more on business standards,” said Dr. Boshoff.

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