SA’s socialist state plan equals hyperinflation and economic disaster

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SA’s socialist state plan equals hyperinflation and economic disaster
SA's socialist state plans equals hyperinflation and economic disaster. Photo: FNSA

What makes the ANC, DA, PAC, BLF, SACP and EFF think that a socialist state can be achieved in South Africa? It has been a dismal failure everywhere else.

Without exception in history hyperinflation was the result of communist influence, state capture, expropriation of property, nationalisation of assets and a system in which social grant recipients were more than the taxpayers.

In Weimar Germany of the 1920’s it became so bad that people discarded money on the pavements where it had to be swept up and thrown away. Zimbabwe ended up issuing 1 Hundred Trillion dollar banknotes, which wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on. In fact, food prices increased by the hour, not even by the day or the week.

The very same thing is now happening in socialist Venezuela. The bolivar has no value at all and there is nothing to buy. And this is the scary thought even if you have a few hundred thousand rands in your bank account, it becomes worthless overnight. You won’t be able to purchase a new vehicle, furniture and appliances unless you can do so in cash, because no financing company can finance anything which becomes more expensive by the hour. That is what Zimbabweans experience to this day as a result of the socialist experiment and the failure of expropriation of land without compensation.

This morning, 22 August 2018, the Rand is trading at R14-36 to the US Dollar and R18-54 to the British pound, the lowest in history. Gone are the days of 1961 when the rand, despite international pressure, traded for 2 Pounds sterling.

The Venezuelan bolivar now trades at B 17312 to the Rand. To explain the disaster of hyperinflation in our terms, this means that Venezuelans this morning pays: 5 million Bolivar for a kilogram of tomatoes that converts to R289.
A chicken would cost 14 600 000 bolivar, or roundabout R844. For a roll of toilet paper they would pay 2 600 000 bolivar, or R150 and a kilogram of cheese would cost a Venezuelan a whopping 7500 000 bolivar, or R434.

That is, if you have the money and the shops have chickens, tomatoes, cheese and toilet paper on the shelves. Which they mostly don’t.

We need to grasp the fact that the policies of the ANC government is heading for a massive economical disaster, and we won’t be able to avoid it, because these policies are supported by the EFF, the SACP, the BLF and the PAC. And together they have such a majority in Parliament that they can legally pass any amendment to the constitution to make their policies a reality.

We cannot change that. We need to break away from that and create our state of self determination before we all become millionaires who can’t afford toilet paper.

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