SACP is arrogant and poorly informed

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SACP is arrogant and poorly informed
SACP is arrogant and poorly informed

In a criticizing statement, the ANC, attacked its partner in the tripartite alliance, the SACP, and said the SACP was arrogant and poorly informed.

This follows the SACP’s criticism regarding the decision of the ANC to discipline members of the ANC who voted against their chief Jacob Zuma.

According to the ANC, they are not a structure of the SACP and will not let them be dictated to by the communists.

According to political analysts, the ANC’s attacking remark is insightful, as it is widely known that the communists had a firm grip on the ANC, since the time of Nelson Mandela.

It is also widely debated that some of the SACP members who are ministers in Zuma’s cabinet, was part of the group who supported the motion of no confidence against Zuma. Zuma can dismiss them, but the ANC itself cannot do much to discipline them.

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