SA Defense Force undermined by crime from within

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SA Defense Force undermined by crime from within
SA Defense Force undermined by crime from within - Image - Die Vryburger

The South African National Defense Force (SANDF) must begin to pay attention to discipline and common crime within the army before totally losing public confidence, said Dr. Pieter Groenewald, the FF Plus’s chief spokesperson on defense.

Dr. Groenewald said at the budget debate on defense and military veterans the minister and other people make a big issue with cyber crime, and should rather pay attention to common crime within the SANDF.

“I am very concerned about common crime in the SANDF. In a question from the Minister about arms theft in the army over the financial years 2013 to 2015, the answer was that about 33,000 rounds of ammunition and eighteen firearms were stolen, including dangerous weapons such as assault rifles, all taken during that period.”

“Last year in this debate, I referred to the incident in Bloemfontein where suspects attacked guards on duty with knives while they were armed with firearms and live ammunition, yet they were sleeping on duty.”

“Recently, the fleet of Simonstown was broken into by criminals, 72 hand grenades together with an assault rifle or two were stolen, and they got away with it.

“Does the minister realize what damage the 72 hand grenades can cause? We see what happens in the world where terrorist explosions between people happen. Does the minister understand the possible implications of this theft?”

“At the ammunition depot at Jan Kempdorp, criminals camped for two weeks along the border post. They dug a hole beneath the fence and stole cable from within over a period of several weeks.”

“Recently in Khayelitsha, criminals attacked a military base for all practical purposes and seized arms. This means that criminals have no more respect for the armed forces. They no longer fear the army.”

“If it is the condition of the military of a country, the public has lost respect for the military. And the big problem is discipline. A military cannot function without discipline.”

“What happened to the guards who were sleeping and robbed? They were addressed, but should have been dismissed.”

“The lack of discipline and the poor management in the national army is currently such that it contributes to the crime in the country and it is a stain on the name of the SANDF,” said Dr. Groenewald.”

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