SA: Chinese have their own police but ‘no rights for whites’

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SA: Chinese have their own police but ‘no rights for whites’
SA: Chinese have their own police but 'no rights for whites'

The Eastern Cape Provincial Commissioner of Police, lt gen Liziwe Ntshinga, formally opened the brand new Chinese Community Police Co-Operation Centre in Port Elizabeth. The Councillor (Police) of the Chinese Embassy, Yu Yuan, represented his government. This is the 13th centre opened nationally.

Front National only wants to know the following from the Minister of Police and the State President, please:

1) On what grounds does the Chinese community qualify for their own policing?

2) If this is allowed, please explain to us why the white minority (who are citizens of this country) cannot be allowed to reinstate our Commando system, which was abolished by the former ANC Minister, Mosiua Lekota, in order to protect ourselves, our farmers and our property? In fact, how does government justify a right to have own police centres to foreign citizens, but deny the same right to their own citizens?

3) Chinese citizens now have own police centres and were given permission to build their own city in the Northern Transvaal. When will the white minority be granted the right to self determination, or are we part of the neo-colonialism deal the ANC made with Communist China?

It might be worth your while, mr President, to take note of the fact that the proposed Chinese city is going to be built on land formerly belonging to the Ohrigstad Republic. That land was PURCHASED, PAID FOR and with a RECEIPT to prove ownership, by a group of Afrikaners.

The receipt was dated 21 July 1855 and all the documents are in the State Archives (we have certified copies) It was managed as a trust similar to Ingonyama. That land legally belongs to the Afrikaner. Do yourself a favour and ask the Chinese government to make sure that they do a proper job of building that city, we would like to make use of it for many years to come when we take it back along with the land on which it was erected!

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