Rural Safety Summit: TLU SA – ‘Cele’s comments are dangerous’


Rural Safety Summit: TLU SA – ‘Cele’s comments are dangerous’
Rural Safety Summit: TLU SA - 'Cele's comments are dangerous'

Police Minister Bheki Cele has not for the first time found himself on the wrong side of South African farmers with his statement that farmers who employ illegal foreigners complicate the SAPS’ work to track down criminals.

Cele made this statement at a rural security meeting in the Free State.

TLU SA wants to make it clear that assumptions and accusations like these do not help anyone.

“It’s the state’s responsibility to look after the safety of the residents, but he is failing miserably in this regard and now he is trying to shift the blame to illegal immigrants he admitted by opening the borders. No farmer is going to fetch labour outside the borders of the country, he gets it inside the country,” said Mr Bennie van Zyl, TLU SA General Manager.

“It’s the government that allows these undocumented people to be in the country and if he now has a problem with it, he should rather do some introspection than point the finger at the farmers by blaming them for the SAPS’ incompetence. After all, it is also the government’s responsibility to document the people who come from outside our borders.”

Mrs Erika Helm, TLU SA Local Government, added: “Minister Cele must be careful with his remarks. The ANC government, through the Department Home Affairs issued work permits to foreigners. Was it not Cele’s government that made this open invitation available to accommodate foreigners? Then the Department of Labour went further and encouraged farmers to apply for corporate permits to accommodate these foreign employees.”

However, this is not where it ends.

“Cele’s corrupt civil servants went further and sold RSA ID documents to foreigners. The government must first turn back and look at what it has brought about with its ill-considered plans to accommodate foreigners.”

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