Remembering the past South Africa – Part 4

Remembering the past South Africa – Part 4
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Since the end of apartheid, poverty among Afrikaners soared. There are thousands of people forced to live squatter camps. The soaring crime rate in South Africa is a drawback, and Mandela’s response to the escalating crime was to criticize the media for focusing on too much crime. He did nothing to stop the spiraling crime that is now considered the opening stages of genocide against the Boer farmers. He implemented anti-white racial preferences, as the whites became a powerless minority.

The high rate of HIV/AIDS infection is escalating at an alarming rate, and the ANC government did nothing to prevent the spread. The Minister of Health, Manto Tshabalala, advocated that eating beetroot and a diet heavy in garlic was the cure for the HIV infection. President Thabo Mbeki supported his health minister and was known for his denial of the scientifically established link between the HIV and AIDS. World leading experts in that subject called her an embarrassment and urged the president to sack her.

Genocide Watch Chief Gregory Stanton declared, “White South African farmers were facing a genocidal onslaught.” Few people outside of South Africa paid attention to President Mandela singing songs advocating the murder of whites. Now the other presidents sing the song with delight. Yes, “Kill the Boer” is the infamous song sung by the president of South Africa.

Remembering the past South Africa
Remembering the past South Africa

When Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited South Africa, she was so busy praising the ruling ANC government and pledging billions of dollars for their support, that she did not mention the problems she had stumbled across. There will be no hope for South Africa if she is elected president of the United States.

Dan Roodt a member of the Pro-Afrikaans Action Group, PRAAG found this disturbing and believed the Afrikaner did not matter under the Obama Administration. He said the murders, and in particular, farm murders were rapidly increasing.

Genocide Watch is a highly respected U.S. based nonprofit organization and an expert on genocide. They have been blowing the whistle about the onslaught of South African for more than a decade. The world media have hardly uttered a word regarding the ghastly murders.

Thousands of farmers known as Boers have been slaughtered in the most shocking ways. Many victims have been raped, tortured drowned in boiling water and worse. Evidence of the horrifying acts of brutality is available for the entire world to see over the Internet on numerous sights. Graphic pictures of dead women, children and babies brutalized are hidden away, from the eyes of the world. Why, does the world chose to ignore the fight for the survival of farmers in South Africa?

The ANC government downplays the gruesome murders of Boers (farmers) and claims it is just a regular crime. Some of the farm murders are classified as simple robberies. Sometimes the crimes are not reported.

Mandela was smart enough to realize that South Africa depended on whites keeping their assets and skills in the country. He needed and wanted to grasp the golden eggs, not destroy it. He knew that killing his political enemies was not the answer. Like other African countries did when gaining independence from minority rule. He used the media to gain a reputation of notability. It is the affluent South Africans and business interests, who were once his allies kept the economy from collapse, all from behind guarded communities and private security forces.

The current President of the RSA, Jacob Zuma was one of the few Zulus in the struggle, now that the Zulus have started enriching themselves, they are all supporting the ANC to the exclusion of everyone else and by utilizing the professed Intelligence Services of the RSA. A country on the verge of collapsing and drowning in the cesspool created by itself. Instead of focusing on foreign aspects, locally on the lack of service delivery, the intelligence services in the RSA is being utilized to steal businesses for the so-called elite. The claim that BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) is a cornerstone of their policy. However, the Black Mass is not shaping up as the refrain is always, “we want a little money…” This is where the bitterness and the xenophobia come in as the lazy locals just want to steal. The Police in the RSA are an ineffective instrument of the State, currently being utilized to steal and to steal and to steal. The legal system is so compromised that there is an unusually little chance of ever obtaining justice.

This is South Africa and its memories of the past, stay tuned for part five and the continuation of events that lead up to the falling democracy.

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