Remembering the past South Africa – Part 3

Remembering the past South Africa – Part 3
Remembering the Past South Africa -Creative Commons License

Recalling Mandela’s history as a communist terrorist is not the worst, it is the predominate reinvention of the reconciling combination that affects South Africa today. It is not this unleashing of violence against whites that caused the greatest concern for most. As President of South Africa, the economic system he maintained for the benefit of those already in power and systematically dispossessing middle and working class whites, especially Afrikaners. Not a surprising factor considering the history of the ANC and Mandela.

The ANC received friendlier treatment from leading business than their Boer rivals did. Although secret meetings continued while the guerrilla battle played out. British business interests were involved in setting up talks between Afrikaner elite and the ANC. The independent Boer Republic leader Eugene TerreBlanche instilled fear into the business leaders who never entered into negotiations. The fears of a concept of an economy run for the folk than the possibility of black power remained visible.

The AB leader Eugene TerreBlanche fought for Afrikaner independence. After the end of the white rule, the ANC, prominent business leaders and the ruling National Party formed a joint front against Boer nationalists and Afrikaner patriots.

This new united front opposed leaders like General Constand Viljoen,(a former South African Military commander and politician), who betrayed a Boer succession plan in exchanged for the consideration of a Boer homeland. When Mandela got the concessions he wanted, he refused any such consideration. At one point, the Afrikaans people and a target of the Boeremag considered Viljoen.

The infamous Boeremag was created. Twenty professional and well-educated men, somehow become the martyr for the new democratic government. The crime intelligence and secret service department of the police handed weapons to this group of people who stashed it on a farm. A plan in the form of “document 12” was generated to overthrow the new government and cause mayhem in the country. This never happened. There was a bomb blast where one person died and caused the end the Boeremag. All found guilty of high treason and received harsh sentences based on a document that the government officials created. The reasons for this remain evasive and frightening. Was this phantom group set up to show the majority of people how much control Mandela had?

Remembering the past South Africa
Remembering the past South Africa

In the matter of the Boeremag trial, the accused were trained by the police, who also supplied them the explosives. It was also alleged that the Prosecutor in this matter was a senior freemason appearing before a judge who is himself a Freemason. No conflict it would seem in the South African situation! The judge in the trial never even looked into this issue. These policemen are a force unto their own. Interacting with all the other Intelligence structures and an oversized black budget. For them, the Boeremag issue can never go away as this is their raison d’être! If one of those policemen cannot get promotion due to his skin color, new-fangled racism, their investigation of the Boeremag is mentioned, and they get their promotion. They have a budget due to the Boeremag, and live the good life, real scoundrels they would seem.

Mandela and his new administration concentrated on reconciling whites to the new government by symbolically shredding the financial, social or political identity of this minority group. Mandela succeeded in receiving praise for keeping Afrikaner leaders such as F W De Klerk in his government. Although the real reason for this act was seen as nothing more than a working relationship with collaborators.

This is South Africa and its memories of the past, stay tuned for part four and the continuation of events that lead up to the falling democracy.

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