Public servants ‘part time’ work

Die Vryburger

Public servants 'part time' work. Photo: Die Vryburger
Public servants 'part time' work. Photo: Die Vryburger

Nearly 50% of all government officials at national level did not declare their interests in private companies or other entities.

The Public Service Commission also found that only 40% of senior officials received permission from the state to engage in outside work.

It has been calculated that 183 senior managers “earn” R16 million over and above their state salaries.

The question arises as to how much of this “income” is obtained when tenders and contracts are awarded while there are officials who have interests in companies doing business with the state? Something that was prohibited by the beginning of 2017.

Action against those people is difficult because the minister or ministry concerned often protects them which again raises the question of how much money is being given to them for the “favour”.

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