Prosperity in land of milk and honey

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Prosperity in land of milk and honey
Atul Gupta - Image - De Vryburger

Atul Gupta said in an interview on a British radio station that all is well in the land of the ANC and Guptas.

According to him, all the e-mails that were leaked are fake, and that British firm Bell Pottinger is a “credible” company.

The CEO of Bell Pottinger, James Henderson, on the same program said that their intentions with the Gupta family and their actions were well-intentioned.

Observers say it’s strange that Henderson recently fired the Guptas account manager and apologized for their actions.

Over the past few years, the Gupta family has had a significant influence in various sectors of South African society and apparently did not always act according to the law, which caused them to be in extremely controversial situations.

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