Progress Africa style

South Africa recently had its 5th general election since the dawn of “Democracy” in 1994. One of the key issues recently was the entire argument around land reform & redistribution of land.

The governing ANC put the issue back on the agenda with its controvertial new amendments to the existing land reform legislation. This was initially supported by the official opposition, the Democratic Alliance, subjecting the leadership of the party to severe criticism.

Another element is the entering of the Economic Freedom Fighters as third strongest party in Parliament, with their policy of escalating land reform, possibly excluding renumeration for land that is “reformed”.

But why then is land reform such a contentious issue in South Africa?
Well, the facts speak for themselves….and a picture paints a thousand words!
These are pictures of sugar, citrus, banana farm right next to Ngwenya Lodge in Komatipoort, South Africa.

It was sold to (taken by) the SA Government in 2007, in their land reform and re-allocation program whereby the riches are distributed among the so-called less advantaged, oppressed “indigenous” community (i.e. black economic empowerment).

This is what it looked like when the previous owners thought they were going to look at the development of their old homestead and farm.

They matched each scene (Aug 2011) with a ‘before’ photo (Jan 2007) and the last photograph was taken from a helicopter where the remains (shell) of the house is visible.
Indeed, land reform in its current form leads to endless misery, poverty and a shamefull waste of resources.

All it took was 4 years…


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