Prisons were better during apartheid than now

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Prisons were better during apartheid than now
Prisons were better during apartheid than now - Image - Die Vryburger

A parliamentary team who visited the Johannesburg prison, known as Sun City, felt disillusioned that the jail was better during apartheid than it is now.

A prisoner who has been in jail for 17 years and acting as a spokesman for the prisoners, accused parliament members of letting down the prisoners and said that under the apartheid system prisons were better.

Ishmael Moshoeshoe said, to the applause of his fellow prisoners, that the white people did better. “You let us down,” he told the parliamentarians.

The parliamentary portfolio committee on Justice and Correctional Services was chaired by the chairman, Dr. Mathole Motshekga. They must investigate prison conditions in prisons.

It seems that Sun City is overcrowded, with cells in which up to 68 prisoners are kept, and where they only have two toilets for everyone to use. Some sleep on the ground while there are not enough clothes and blankets for prisoners.

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