Police officer shot in head at funeral by angry mob

Police officer shot in head at funeral by angry mob

A policeman has been killed by funeral-goers who mistook him for a criminal in Jane Furse in Limpopo on Saturday.

According to the South African Police Service, the 57-year old man was part of a team of detectives tracking a suspect wanted for crimes committed in Brits.

“The suspect was located where he was attending a funeral of a community member who was part of the Madibeng village and who was killed last week,” SAPS spokesperson Ronel Otto said.

When police tried to apprehend the suspect, he called for help.

“Members of the community rushed to his assistance and mistook the police members for criminals.”

According to police, it is also suspected that some of the locals might have been involved in the murder of the person who was being buried.

One police officer was chased and cornered by community members who grabbed his pistol and shot him in the head. He died instantly.

A suspect has been taken in for questioning and the search for more suspects as well as the firearm is continuing.

Source: News24

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