Plans being hatched by the SAA to fire only white pilots

Opinion by Political Correspondent

Plans being hatched by the SAA to fire only white pilots
Plans being hatched by the SAA to fire only white pilots

The SAA has indicated that they only want to keep 88 of the 300 pilots who did not accept severance packages last year and in order to achieve this they will fire only white pilots, an openly racially discriminatory plan. The SAA wants to keep their racial quota system with regards personnel in place at all costs and that is why they do not want to fire black pilots.

The SAA do not accept the principle of last in, first out when it comes to retrenchments. The SAA is clear in it’s stance that retrenchments should happen on the basis of race. That means if you are white, you are out.

The above information was revealed when Captain Grant Back, chairman of the SA Pilot’s Association, spoke to the media
Captain Back said that the SAA and the business rescue practitioners are stooping to every dirty trick in the book to force their plans through.

The SAA has for instance locked the pilots out from their offices. They don’t have access to simulators now. The pilots need to practise on the simulators in order to keep their pilot licences.

The SAA is also sending letters to individual pilots, trying to convince them to accept everything the SAA and the business rescue practitioners want to implement. They are therefore trying to cut a recognized trade union out of negotiations, something which is illegal.
The ANC is once again trying to implement it’s racial quota system by firing people on a racial basis and using tax money to make it possible.

Pravin Gordhan, the minister of Public Enterprises, not long ago announced that a further R 10 billion of tax money will be allocated to the hopelessly bankrupt SAA.

White people who fly SAA must know they are supporting racial discrimination against white people. So they are supporting discrimination against themselves and their children.

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