Peaceful people in South Africa? The rapid demise of a country

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Peaceful people in South Africa? The rapid demise of a country
Peaceful people in South Africa? the rapid demise of a country. Photo: FNSA


We often hear from liberals that it is only small number of leftist radicals that attack whites and they are not relevant. But what is the true scenario and do we have a real reason to be worried?

We have roughly 65000000 citizens in SA. Of those, according to the latest elections, 7% are EFF members and if you add the ANC votes, 60% are ANC members. That gives you roughly 44 000 000 leftist and marxist supporters. Of those, about 20% are extreme radicals. That gives you about 7-8 million radicals who are hellbent on destroying anything that are perceived to be whiteness or WMC. The roughly 7-8 million radicals are almost twice the number of white voters, not taking into account the leftist, and even radical, element in the white community. They may be the minority, but that is irrelevant.


In history, we can see that. In Germany, the vast majority were peaceful people, but that was irrelevant.

The Nazis drove the discourse and the managed to kill 60000000 people, if which 6000000 were Jews. In China, the vast majority are peaceful, but it was irrelevant and 70000000 people were killed. In Japan before the 2nd world war, the majority were peaceful, but that was irrelevant. In their murderous rampage in Asia, 20000000 people were butchered. In Russia, the majority were peaceful, but that was irrelevant. More than 50000000 people were killed.


In the current discourse, we see the radical EFF determines the political discourse in SA. Where is the so called peaceful people in SA? Why aren’t the peaceful people not speaking up and dismissing them. Why aren’t there any protests against the radical slogans against whites?

Why aren’t there a civil rise against radicals and hooligans? Why aren’t there a civil rise against thuggery and the rampages we see in the media? The so called majority is quiet and they keep on voting for these same radical parties. It is time we throw away this so called political correctness and name things for what they are. There is a concerted effort to eliminate whites in this country, be it through crime or legislation. And yet the so-called peaceful citizens tacitly condone this by not standing up.

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