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Political parties represented in parliament have had until the end of last week to make submissions to the speaker of parliament, Baleka Mbete, on the motion of no confidence that will soon be voted against Jacob Zuma.

The UDM of Bantu Holomisa has taken the matter of a secret ballot to the Constitutional Court, which ruled that the speaker could allow a secret ballot and that she can make a final decision about it.

Most opposition parties agreed that the vote should be secret, but Holomisa went even further and said that Mbete should withdraw from her post of the national assembly for the duration of the vote. Since Mbete took the position at the ANC’s recent congress that ANC members must abide by the caucus and therefore tried to restrict their freedom of choice.

FF Plus also asked for a secret ballot because they believe it is the only way ANC parliamentarians can vote with their conscience and good judgment without fear of the consequences of their actions.

In a letter to Mbete, Dr. Corné Mulder, FF Plus’s chief whip, told the speaker that in her own statement she is not opposed to a secret ballot, but she has the power to decide. It was the Constitutional Court’s directive judgment that she can decide.

Dr. Mulder said it has always been the opinion of the FF Plus that it is merely logical that if the president is elected by secret ballot, he must be removed in this way.

He pointed out to Mbete that if she refused the motion of no confidence against President. Zuma in a secret ballot, her actions will be widely regarded as accommodating the president, as Zuma said in parliament regarding a question from the FF Plus that he had preferred an open vote.

“A decision against a secret ballot would be irrational and will be seen taken under review in the light of the Constitutional Court’s ruling on the matter,” said Dr. Mulder.

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