Ones like this, we stab them with a knife – Metro police officer

Ones like this, we stab them with a knife – Metro police officer

Four men were left shocked when a Tshwane Metro Police officer allegedly pulled a knife on them and threatened to stab one of the occupants in their car.

Tshwane Metro Police spokesperson Senior Superintendent Isaac Mahamba said they were aware of the incident.

The group claims the incident occurred in the Pretoria CBD on Wednesday when driver Edgar Masuku was stopped along Boom Street.

Masuku said he had just turned onto Thabo Sehume Street when the officers in the vehicle behind him switched on their blue lights and ordered him to stop. There were apparently three metro officers present.

“They said I was indecisive, but I told them I was not. I asked what offence I had committed and if there was [an offence], they could write me a fine. They said I was stubborn and had an attitude,” he said.

Masuku said the officers checked his car and told him his licence disc had expired. He explained that it was a rented car and he was returning it the next day. He was given a fine, but the exchange between them turned vulgar as the officers allegedly started swearing at him.

“While that was happening, one of the passengers, Sinethemba Lubisi, started recording them. One of the officers saw him and asked why he was doing that.

“They demanded he delete the footage, but he refused. He went back to the car, but one officer then pulled him through the window and demanded the phone,” said Masuku.

‘Ones like this, we stab them with a knife’

While that was happening, another officer allegedly took out an Okappie knife and threatened to stab Lubisi.

“He pointed to his neck and said he knew what he was doing,” Masuku said.

In the recording, a person can be heard saying: “My boy, let me tell you, what you’re doing will get you into trouble. You will get in here and I will lock you up for something real.”

One of the occupants in the car then says: “We have rights. What you’re doing is harassment.”

Another voice can be heard saying: “You will sleep at Pretoria Central. He sounds like a lawyer. You want to go to prison? I’m asking you. What are you laughing at?

“You’re not even the same age as my son. Ones like this, we stab them with a knife. Why are you taking a video of us? We will beat you up.”

Then there is an exchange of words with a person asking why they are taking his phone. Another person responds, saying he was taking the phone.

Masuku said the officer told them to delete the video and they would be released, or they would be taken to the Pretoria Central police station. They refused to hand over the phone and Lubisi offered his hands to be cuffed.

They were taken to the police station, where he was taken to the holding cells.

“We asked what he was being charged with and we were told he was charged for assault,” said Masuku.

By late Wednesday, Lubisi was still in the holding cells.

Mahamba said police were aware of the incident, but could not comment until they had viewed the video and heard the recording. Mahamba was expected to do so on Thursday.

Source: News24

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