‘Hero Boy’ (6) died in defence of his mom, murderer gets life term

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‘Hero Boy’ (6) died in defence of his mom, murderer gets life term
'Hero Boy' (6) died in defence of his mom, murderer gets life term

The Northern Cape Acting Provincial Commissioner, Major General Koliswa Otola highly praised the Investigating officer Detective Sergeant Molaeng and the National Prosecution Authority, for ensuring that man accused of the murder of the “Hero Boy” Kutlwano Garesape was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment, to spend the rest of his life behind prison bars.

On Wednesday, 6 June 2018, The Northern Cape High Court handed life sentence to Tefelo Dikole (31) for the murder of Kutlwano Garesape and seven years for attempted rape of his mother. The sentences shall run concurrently.

Kutlwano was dubbed a “Hero Boy” for dying in defence of his mother.

Tefelo was convicted for the murder of the “Hero Boy” Kutlwano and the attempted rape of his mother, on 12 August 2016. Kutlwano was described as a hero “Hero Boy” for the reason that on the day in which he was murdered, he took upon himself to defend his own mother when Tefelo attempted to rape her. Kutlwano put his life on line in defence of his mother, to prevent the accused to rape her.

On the day of the gruesome atrocity, Kutlwano and his mother, were walking near the railway line in Jan Kempdorp on their way to school. Tefelo accosted them and grabbed his mother, struggled and shoved her around in an attempt to rape her. The “Hero Boy” Kutlwano could not let crime against her mother happened while watching.

During the incident Kutlwano was only six year old and this month on 5th June 2018 he could have celebrated his eighth birthday. He was robbed of his life at a young stage, the family was robbed of a child who might have been the light of future.

The post mortem report presented before the High Court, depicted a gruesome picture with regards to the pain and sufferings that which Kutlwano had to endure. “Kutlwano intestines were exposed, protruded externally as a result of stab wounds, suffered multiple stab wounds”.

Tefo appeared to be very oblivious in court, seemed not to be aware of what was happening around his world, he seemed to be in the world of his own.

The Northern Cape, Acting Provincial Commissioner Major General Koliswa Otola said “harsh and hefty jail term brings and restore hope to victims of crime to continue to believe in the justice system of this country.

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