Cosatu demands government action against ‘arrogant’ Orania

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Cosatu demands government action against ‘arrogant’ Orania
Cosatu demands government action against 'arrogant' Orania - Image - Die Vryburger

Cosatu in the Northern Cape is demanding that the government act against the arrogant Orania, who does not want to transform and join the Thembelihle municipality.

In a statement, the communist union said that they are angry with what they call the increasing racism in Orania, which undermines the democratically elected government. “Orania has proved to us all that whites will never accept the government of the day.”

Cosatu is angry that Orania is standing on its own as a country, instead of a town. Because they do not want to join the larger municipality, they do not belong in the Northern Cape or in the country.

“It is the same people who use the railways and roads of the country to transport their farm products and their families.” For this reason, Cosatu claims that Orania has to pay more for the use of the country’s infrastructure.

Cosatu is promoting for residents of the Northern Cape to demand transformation in Orania. “We can not be held hostage by a bunch of hypocrites who selectively exclude themselves from the broader community,” Cosatu demands.

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