Who’s getting a house?

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Who’s getting a house?
Who's getting a house? - Image - Front National

At first I thought I must’ve misunderstood. A teenager, after stealing from a farmer, is loaded onto a vehicle to be taken to the police. He dies. Two men are accused of murdering him. They say he jumped off the moving vehicle. The black community says he was pushed off the vehicle, “because all white people are racists.” There is no evidence to the fact. The state has no case against the two men, apart from the fact that they are white and therefore guilty by anti-white racism.

So the black community take to the streets, loot every single shop they can find and start setting fire to the houses of completely innocent and uninvolved white citizens of the town. People who had absolutely NOTHING to do with the matter at all. Six houses they burn down in a rampage of barbarous vandalism and murderous racism, because the two accused are granted bail. The court had no choice – there is no evidence that the two men were guilty of anything more than taking a young thieving hoodlum to the police station for trespassing and stealing on their property.

And what does the South African government do? They announce on their website, by mouth of minister Lindiwe Sisulu, that a brand new house will be built for the parents of the dead criminal! Not a word about compensation for the innocent citizens of the town whose houses were destroyed by arson! Not a word about justice taking its course. NO! A brand new house for the parents of the dead boy, who was identified only days after his death because his parents didn’t even know where he was and didn’t much care about where he was either.

Does that sound sensible to any person with more than 2 brain cells? Because I really had to read the announcement twice before I could grasp how utterly and completely ridiculous this was! And the scary thought is: This is commonplace in South Africa to reward the criminal and turn the back on the victim – because the victims are white and the criminal was black.

And then they cry and scream about how unfair “apartheid” was!

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