Coligny rages allegedly over boy’s suicide

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Coligny rages allegedly over boy’s suicide
Coligny: '12-year-old' who died actualy 16 years old - Image - Die Vryburger

The 12-year-old whose death allegedly led to the devastation in Coligny, committed suicide.

After he and a friend where caught stealing sunflowers on a farm, the friend chose to make a hasty retreat and got away, but he was told to get into a bakkie to be taken to the police.

Farmers across the country are experiencing problems with large portions of their crops being stripped by thieves.

The boy did not want to see the police, and when the bakkie slowed down, he jumped off and broke his neck.

A lawyer pointed out that he had committed suicide in essence. “Even a twelve-year-old knows that one can die if you jump from a moving vehicle, and therefore it can be seen as suicide,” a lawyer explained to Die Vryburger.

Meanwhile, two men, presumably white workers on a farm, reported to the police, where they were arrested and charged with murder.

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