NO ONE will stop the EFF from taking back the land

NO ONE will stop the EFF from taking back the land
Malema incites violence against farmers and praises idol Mugabe

Julius Malema has high expectations of winning several municipalities in the upcoming elections and argues that the land does not belong to the white people. The same whining song that white people are thieves who stole the land and Malema will take back the land with no compensation. Alas, there is no other way, and the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) said that all municipalities that the party govern will take the land and distribute to the poor. Malema has plans to redistribute land for industrial, religious, recreational and residential purposes.

According to Malema, black people are poor because of landlessness that the colonial murders, robbers and barterers occupy. Since when does not owing land make you poor? These “descendants” use and benefit from the stolen land illegally. The dispute Malema said is the manner in which the illegally occupied land must be transferred for the good of the poor people. Malema has big plans for land distribution, and there was no mention of where the white individuals who occupy the land will go. The whites must go, they are a painful reminder of what they (Malema and the ANC) can never achieve on their own.

Will Malema and his army beat up the white people and forcefully remove them from legally owned land. Malema will no doubt follow the steps of Mugabe (president of Zimbabwe) who sent in thousands of war veterans to get farmers off the land. Malema certainly learns from the master manipulator, and will never think about the consequences of their actions.

Malema is a dangerous madcap speaking to a lot of unhappy blacks in the country, and who believe the nonsense that spews from his mouth. Free, everything is free, and Malema will continue to utter the mantra until he is in power. Once in power Malema will follow the master plan of Mugabe and trample the black voters to remain in the top position. Malema uses the weakness of the black multitude to gain votes for power, and they stay ignorant. The masses fall for the charismatic charm of Malema all the time and do not realize that Malema is a very dangerous man. A man that wants to control South Africa based on division, and hate.

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