New ‘national retirement fund’ – ANC opts to intensify its Communist policy

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New ‘national retirement fund’ – ANC opts to intensify its Communist policy
New 'national retirement fund' - ANC opts to intensify its Communist policy

The FF Plus considers the ANC government’s newly proposed national retirement fund to be a form of encroaching Communism according to which the state, on the one hand, destroys everything that is supposed to boost the free market, responsible for creating value, jobs and prosperity; while offering on the other hand, nothing but empty promises that the state will look after everyone from the cradle to the grave.

The ANC is obviously concerned about its waning level of support, which is the direct result of the path of destruction that it set the country on with its poor economic policy over the past 27 years, its irrational reaction to the Covid-19 pandemic and its clumsy handling of the recent unrest, which may very well flare up again.

The ANC, therefore, has no other choice but to make new promises to the voting public, promises that are completely unrealistic and could destroy the economy. The FF Plus will oppose the ANC government’s proposal with all its might.

It has now become abundantly clear that the ANC government does not have the will nor the ability to bring about the vital structural changes that are required to turn the economy around from its sharp, downward trajectory – particularly as required by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Unfortunately, the ANC appears to be so ideologically devoted to its original Marxist ideals that no deviation will be tolerated. Instead, the ANC opts to intensify its Communist policy at every opportunity and is, thus, digging the hole in which South Africa finds itself even deeper.

The truth is that the South African economy simply cannot afford the newly proposed national retirement fund. It is something that most developed states cannot even hope to afford.

The costs related to it will destroy South Africa’s middle-class and leave the country in exactly the same position as many other developing states that tried to do the same experiments, namely, a state with a very small and extremely rich elite and masses of desperately poor people.

South Africa already has the most unequal society in the entire world and the gap will only keep growing along with the masses of people who are all equally poor and disempowered and unable to challenge the state to ensure a better life for all – as is currently the case in Cuba, Venezuela and North Korea.

In addition, the new retirement fund will create an enormous pool of funds that can be looted to their heart’s content. There is no doubt that the looting will take on endemic proportions, given the ANC government’s own sordid record of incompetence and greed in the public service and in managing public enterprises.

The FF Plus is under no illusion about how the ANC government operates when it comes to encroaching Communism.

As the ANC’s policy keeps failing and the market-directed economy is increasingly destroyed, the party will hook its claws into the only pools of value that are left.

That is also why the ANC is forcing all medical aid funds to merge under one state-controlled fund, namely the National Health Insurance Scheme, and is planning on levying further taxes for a new pension fund.

The next step will be to forcibly group all pension funds under one single pension fund, which will be the last pool of funds in the country to be looted. When the medical aid and pension funds have been emptied out, the South African state will finally collapse and all that will be left will be a small, rich group of ANC cadres and masses of poverty-stricken people who will be severely oppressed.

The ANC has put forward a script for the future that holds devastating consequences. And the FF Plus will oppose it with all its might.

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