New deputy minister of police, Bongani ‘burn-the-flats-with-the-people-inside’ Mkongi

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New deputy minister of police, Bongani ‘burn-the-flats-with-the-people-inside’ Mkongi
Deputy minister of police Bongani Mkongi - Image - Front National

Oh, dear parents! You will probably remember that I made a noise a few months ago about the ANC trickster who suggested that the block of flats in Cape Town where the “Zuma must fall” banner was erected should be burnt. Someone, please tell him that it is a residential building in which people live and that the building has nothing to do with the banner.

Then the highly gifted comrade, named Bongani Mkongi, commented: It does not matter, the residents should burn with the building!

New deputy minister of police, Bongani burn-the-flats-with-the-people-inside Mkongi – Image – Front National

Friends, peers, fellow circus gangers: Let me introduce you to your new deputy minister of police, Comrade Bongani “Burn-the-Flats-with-the-People-inside” Mkongi!

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