National day of Action – United resistance march to the Union Buildings

Opinion by Daniel Sutherland

National day of Action – United resistance march to the Union Buildings
National day of Action – United resistance march to the Union Buildings

On Wednesday 12 April there is a massive joint opposition march to the Union Buildings.

The opposition is uniting because they have a common cause.

The common cause is to remove an illegitimate President, who is not a President at all, just a looter king who uses the position of President to enrich his own family through a network of patronage and a special relationship with the Gupta family, who possesses various companies milking State Owned Enterprises. Duduzane Zuma, Jacob Zuma783’s son, is a major shareholder in all the Gupta companies.

It has been revealed how the Gupta empire laundered hundreds of millions of rands out of the country through the use of letterbox companies [ amaBhungane center for investigative journalism].This is racketeering on a grand scale, going to jail for a long time stuff.

This character occupying the highest office in the land, with #783 outstanding criminal charges relating to the Schabir Schaik case, has broken the office of the President. He has broken the economy, he has broken the rainbow nation, he has broken the Rand, he has broken the Police, he has broken the NPA, he has destroyed any State investigative capability to discover what Zupta has done – just think how he disbanded the Scorpions as his first act as President.

That man pretending to be President is a criminal, a looter, and a treasonous sellout. That man has committed so many crimes that it will take a judicial commission of investigation years to figure out.

That man #783 has divided the nation on racial grounds to take the attention away from his and his cabal’s looting. He has done that by creating a narrative, engineered by the Gupta PR white monopoly company from Britain, Bell Toiletpottinger, that the so-called White Monopoly Capital is to blame for every problem and he as the President has no fault.

Zuma783 has surrounded himself with looters like himself, racists, opportunists, buttock protectors and spineless yes men to do what he does best, and that is to steal.

This man is not my President. I don’t accept “sell outs” and “looters” as my president.

That man #783 is in alliance with an immigrant family from India that will be the cause of this country following the ZimBOBwe route if we don’t stop him.

During WW2 all parties opposed to Nazism and fascism united to fight the Nazi-Vichy regime. They were known as the French Resistance. They identified themselves as the Resistance, although they consisted of different groups with different ideological leanings like socialism, communism, and nationalism.

The French Resistance won and created a democratic France after the war.

People, I call on everyone to take part on Wednesday. Yes, everyone can’t be there, some are working, some are in old age homes, etc.


Wear black armbands on Wednesday 12 April, or dress totally in black.

Wear it to work, wear it to town, to show you are part of the Uncaptured.

We are one Resistance until Zupta has fallen.

Opinion by Daniel Sutherland

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