Naspers and the Guptas and the Love of Money

Opinion by Daniel Sutherland

Naspers and the Guptas and the Love of Money
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Something is really bothering me about why Naspers DSTV Lesser Choice, a TV monopoly in this country, would continue its steadfast support and accommodation of a propagandistic television station like ANN7 on its platform.

This television station has as its sole purpose the creation of a so called WMC narrative, to deflect attention away from the Gupta looting of up to an R100 billion. Stolen money that the Guptas are now busy spiriting out of the country with the fire sale and transfer of ownership of their various enterprises, which were either funded by us the taxpayer, to begin with, or dependent on state tenders to make money.

It tremendously bothers me that Naspers, a company that was founded to promote the economic emancipation of the Afrikaner people, and helped to fund and promote the old National party to that end, would now house a propagandistic TV station that has as its sole purpose the stoking of racial hate against white people and the protection of the criminal Gupta family.

I think that Naspers can do better than sell us out to an Indian criminal family that partnered with the President of this country to loot the country of a vast amount of money, an amount that still has to be fully discovered.
The motives of the people who control Naspers has to be questioned.

DSTV Lesser Choice was set up as a TV monopoly, and with their control of broadcasting rights of the national sports like rugby and cricket, Naspers is literally untouchable and can do what they want.

They know that South Africans are not really people who would give up comforts like watching rugby and cricket to protest against a TV station that stokes hatred against them, the very individuals who are paying to make a station like ANN7 possible in the first place.

Yes, we pay for a station like ANN7 that promotes hatred against us and is set up as a propagandistic TV channel to protect the interests of the criminal Gupta family.

Naspers know they got us captured, that is why they can do as they want. They know we are too weak to stand up against them.

And yes the motive is money.

The purpose of any business is to make money, but there comes a time when the motive becomes greed, and Naspers has a lot to answer for. When the motive becomes greed, you throw any moral consideration overboard.

Almost daily we see attacks against mostly white Afrikaner farmers increase. The murder rate is going up, and Naspers could not be bothered, as long as the revenue stream is staying strong.

Nothing happens in a vacuum. The Gupta created WMC narrative has gone hand in hand with the whole ” whites stole the land ” narrative and this has a lot to do with the increasing attacks and murders on farmers, which in many instances include severe torture.

I am sorry to say this, but Koos Bekker’s Naspers has lost its soul, and that for the love of money.

Instead of becoming a truly South African company, they have become a company beholden to the powers that be to make more money.

This country is bleeding, and Koos Bekker and Naspers could not be bothered.

Opinion by Daniel Sutherland
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